Updated: Nov 11, 2020

I know should be better "quality control". But this is the best brand,

formula wise, visually wise, thickness wise, certainly not price wise.

It's a US company, made in the US, but I can't say specifically what brand,

as I don't really have a licence to sell the raw material, like a plastics

distributor. The factory defects, include bubbles like below, or non clear

"inclusions" meaning a dark spot inside the clear sheet etc.

Sometimes the fresh from factory surface in wavy, making it unsalable also.

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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Below is a couple recent pictures submitted by purchasers of our coffee tables.

You can see the range of color alone, that works.

Since the clarity makes these a very neutral room element, they can be used,

in simple modern areas, or detailed traditional interiors.

When my customers send the pictures, this blog sort of writes itself.

It keeps it interesting, not knowing what to expect.

The content is original to you and me.

jewel tones living room

high rise acrylic coffee table near window

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A customer requested the smaller custom size acrylic table to fit under our standard 50" long coffee table. We try to accommodate custom waterfall (bent) table requests. I do, sort of warn them, that the quote will be much higher than a similar table. Sheet yield and productivity is not as good for customs. I really don't want to offend a potential buyer, hoping they understand, the up charge is needed. If interested, just request a quote, all I need is

3 dimensions. southeastflorida@gmail.com

nest acrylic coffee table

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