Since I didn't copy anyone with these shapes, I guess they can be called "exclusive" to acrylic tables southeastflorida's "line". We are still tweaking the design details, but almost there. For example, the 16" diameter round white top below, will change to 18" diameter. I much less optimum sheet yield wise size but right in that practical use sweet spot. I would like to offer,

"variations" in height, but it's just unproductive to make and stock so many different tables.

Efficiencies, trim that fat, stay super competitive, that's the game.

white and clear hybrid acrylic table
original design acrylic side table

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I do short runs of under (50) of these church bible verse plaques, for my own pleasure.

The screen print ink gets a little thick at much higher quantities. I like to breeze through

them, very productively, as with most of my "items" even if I am not selling these. (they are gifts) Purple velvet, maple, real twig pencils. I try to keep it varied and interesting.

actual working pencils made from natural wood branches

This is not regular "sign white" acrylic, but a more color dense formula.

I'm not going to say it resembles lacquer, but well, I guess I just did.

So, I am experimenting with different looks. I'm keen on the soft neutral color

of the unfinished Baltic birch plywood I got at makerstock

birch plywood and acrylic sheet table
40 inch high wood and plexi shelf pedestal combo

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