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Frequently Asked Questions

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Care and cleaning of acrylic furnishings?
We just use a CLEAN terry or microfiber towel, moistened with water if necessary

to clean fingerprints and dust etc. There are commonly used products like novus

for haze reduction.  (fine scratches) We recommend the more course type, novus 3.

Don't use ammonia based cleaners like Windex, over time they damage the finish.  

What is special about your "premium" material?

See illustration to the right, material is super clear, no offcolor tint. 

Do you ship to Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico?
Do you ship overseas?
Sorry, we only ship to contiguous (mainland) United States.

Who pays for return shipments?
I will pay for return pickup, unless reason is "discretionary",
meaning "changed mind", "no longer needed" etc. 

Do you send package with insurance?
I will be responsible for damage during transit. 

Do you also make custom size acrylic coffee tables?
Yes, but only able to make them up to 24" deep. 

(maximum width) For example,50x24x17 high.  

I would need 3 dimensions to quote.
I want to warn you, CUSTOM sizes are much more price wise, 
than a similar size STOCK table is.  Just email 

Appropriate size for glass, marble, or wood tops for your acrylic "V" bases?
round tops from 30"-60"
rectangles from 30"x 30" to 42"x 72" or even 16" x 72" for console or sofa back. 

How do you attach glass to "V" bases?

The standard in the industry is to use these "desk buttons" 

or "bumpons", that we include in box.  The are just clear vinyl, and are 

a way to reduce slippage.   Glue is more secure, but messy, 

and too permanent, for most people. 

TV stand?  

sure, most any flat screen would be fine.  


Roughly 60 pounds, continuous weight, 180 pounds intermittently. 
Can be used as a bench (with even more weight)

if material is 3/4" thick.

1/2" and 3/8" tables are not recommended for "bench" use.

Do I need to assemble or to uncrate box?
No assembly needed just unpack cardboard boxes and 
put table in place. 

Is there a formula for selecting right size stock table?

Sorry no, just consider function it needs to serve.  

 Measure the available space. Size according to the sofa.  

Hold a tape measure up, and try to visualize.

For convenience and ergonomics, end tables are normally

within 2" of sofa armrests, but there is no hard rules.

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boxed acrylic table
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