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Custom Size Acrylic Tables


blue transparent acrylic table 2.jpg

Transparent color tables 
are rare for me to manufacture,
as the many colors requested,
and problems stocking the material,
make any sort of profit, difficult. 
I sold about one a month of these
1/2" blue cantilever tables, for years,
but discontinued them, so I could refine
pricepoints on the more popular clear tables.

thick and tight bend acrylic table.jpg

This customer wanted tight bends, and a

certain, non standard proportion in two tables that would flank each other.  The rough pictures, in process,  just give you an idea of  the range of them visually.  

pedestal driftwood 2.jpg

These pedestals were also somewhat popular, 

at 30" high, something different, you don't see much from other vendors, but I need to narrow my focus on the more commonly used sizes. 

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