Until now, I was not content offering the standard casters, as they are not made for this

world, so to speak. I like the look and very solid mounting of the design below.

I find the chrome and brown, pretty neutral, it's the only kind the casters manufacturer offers,

so, it's all I can offer. Plus it's more productive (and price limiting) for me to limit the selection.

The stock size is 18" x 12" x 20" high, so can be used as a bench or vanity stool.

Pair those casters with our thick made in USA material, and you have a clear rolling table,

a tier above the available ones from other sources.

thick material rolling end table
acrylic end table with sturdy casters

The bulky, rare cedar "finds", are not the best fine furniture material source,

but anything that thick, is not "scrap" or offcuts. Truth is, I have a lot of these half finished

design experiments, that I sell to the local decades modern furniture store.

The goal, is to eventually find something to add to the line of 12 tables I have now.

The bulk of these possible new products, don't work out, don't ship well,

aren't well received, by the public, raw material price too high etc.

But I do them for my own design pleasure,

and look for more in the coming months, here.

cedar and acrylic hybrid table
thick cedar table bases

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Again, my buyers submit a cool, unexpected application for these acrylic tables.

This from a United States high school's VR area.

It's the popular stock size end table, sometimes used as a bench,

or end table. I don't have to work, to find and publish original content,

they, (the buyers) do. It keeps me honest, no click bait here.