Truthfully, sales of these specific unfinished wood tables are not great,

but I just love that LIGHT color wood finish.

Any wax, sealer, or poly etc, just darkens the wood color so much,

I no longer like the appearance so much. And I don't have a problem

with the raw plywood edges on this high quality plywood. I understand

it's not exactly fine furniture, but there must be a market for it.

So, I'll plug away at it for a while, see it anyone wants to put these

Japanese and Scandinavian hybrid simplicity tables in their living room.

I wouldn't really call it "Japandi" but it's approaching that style.

unfinished birch plywood side tables
original design baltic birch end tables

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There is quite a range of glass, marble, steel, and wood tops that are put on the

clear bases we supply. Many times they acquire the top first, then design around it.

The complimentary contrast of natural and contemporary, is very happening now.

Just to be understood, I only supply the clear acrylic coffee table bases.

I just stock two sizes, 16" like below, and 29" high dining height.

They are both 3/4" material, very adequate, the next thickness up, one inch

would be almost 2x the price, and basically prohibitive, no one would it.

So I hit that mid-range price and style wise. It's a way to stay efficient and

therefore competitive. You can't stock everything.

4" thick wood slab coffee table natural pecky shape

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Since I didn't copy anyone with these shapes, I guess they can be called "exclusive" to acrylic tables southeastflorida's "line". We are still tweaking the design details, but almost there. For example, the 16" diameter round white top below, will change to 18" diameter. I much less optimum sheet yield wise size but right in that practical use sweet spot. I would like to offer,

"variations" in height, but it's just unproductive to make and stock so many different tables.

Efficiencies, trim that fat, stay super competitive, that's the game.

white and clear hybrid acrylic table
original design acrylic side table

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