Shipping damages are less than 1%. When I look at the few claims I get, it is not something

I could have prevented with more layers. Maybe a pallet shifts, or package gets dropped

off very high ramp etc. Each coffee table has my cost of boxes at $32 for set of two.

Significant supply price increases, are there for most everyone.

The feedback from my various selling platform confirms, commonly reflect

the buyers are aware of the "well packaged" shipments.

Sure, my profit margin is way down, but I am holding the line on price increases,

to remain, with higher sales volume, in this super competitive market.

custom cardboard boxes for acrylic furniture
(100) sets of shipping cartons for acrylic tables, $3200 on pallets

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I just made a few of these, not selling, just as gifts for friends and family.

Really not completely practical, but they do cover the weird plaid type patterns,

you find on Kleenex boxes. They all have those goofy exterior box finishes.

Marketing thing maybe, not sure. 230 count Kleenex per box is about the highest

quantity you can find, and these hold that size tissues.

original wood and acrylic Kleenex tissue box case.

Opaque white acrylic sheet as a top part of tissue boxes.
Lid just rests on, for clean appearance

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A mini hack as I just bought the 3 color units on amazon for about $19.

They were a little unstable, front to back, thin, so I added the bases.

The consolidation of the 3 on the acrylic bases makes it easer to

turn over to start the bubbles. They are supposed help with ADHD etc.

I made a rough video here, shows ease of rotation startup.

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