I did these for Mama's Kitchen, right down the street, in Fort Lauderdale.

The customer knew what he wanted design details wise.

They just "rest on" the counter, and are not tippy.

Panel itself is 3/8" material, thicker than is commonly used.

The other dimensions are 36"x36", more than adequate to

satisfy the health inspector. It even has a little return, that extends

toward floor on the bottom.

very thick acrylic separations at diner food counter
covid virus guards

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Still having fun doing these plaques. Work is work, but the design part is therapy for me.

Feathers are sold a "fake" eagle feathers, and are very cheap on ebay.

And the "stained glass" is from an ebay kit, and just applied with clear gorilla glue.

I have some offcuts or scrap acrylic too small for a table, and too large to throw away,

especially at $11 a square foot. So, I make these for my own pleasure.

I don't sell them anywhere. I just roughly paint the back and screen print the front.

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A little heavy, but very practical for large people. The standard for these walking canes is

1" diameter rods. But honestly they are somewhat fragile. A friend arranged a "model", and

we went to the local Riverwalk area of Fort Lauderdale, for this picture.

Back in the heyday of these canes, I was the international king of this stuff.

I had and serviced another domain, just for the canes, clearcanes.

It was fun, I sold the UK a lot and once in a while, some other countries.

But tastes changed, and although it was understood those canes were not

a very good medical device, they were much loved, for the spirit lifting appearance.

I let that domain go, focusing on acrylicparts, it now was taken over by some overseas firm,

totally unrelated to canes.

man displaying use of acrylic walking cane

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