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It's very hard to fake the feedback we have accumulated on my other sales channels, but it started here at more than 20 years ago.  At first we were the premiere online source of acrylic walking canes. Shipping worldwide from south east Florida. 


We don't just buy and resell what is already available online. Instead, we have a small, very productive USA shop location, (source direct) and use premium USA material. This gives us the competitive, price edge, that, lets face it, rules the markets today. 


We don't  use, store, or share your personal information.  Paypal is the payment gateway we use, and we never see anything but your address and phone only if you provide it.  They (paypal) do not require any sort of membership, any longer.  And are a simple to use, commonly available, and very largely popular payment gateway. 

If you have another popular sales Chanel you are more comfortable with, the same listings and prices are there with search word "southeastflorida".


I can only offer 10% discount and free shipping in the form of a refund for orders of

$1500 or more.  Our price points are super competitive now. 


I know in years past a trade discount or similar was expected, and welcomed,

but these days the margins are just not there for most sources.


Just order as usual, from this site, and remind me of offer, and I  will refund within one day.   This offer is only good for orders placed here at


- Credit / Debit Cards

- Mail a paper check to:  Acrylic Fabrication  1056 NE 44 Pl. Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33334

with check include quantity, size, your shipping address, and email so I can confirm. 

Payment Methods
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