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transparent color acrylic table

Many years ago, sales of colored acrylic furniture, was more popular.

Today, even finding some local stock of flat sheets at the plastics distributor,

is very rough. The salesmen there are not too keen on ordering a couple

sheet in for you. There are 3 basic color types: transparent, translucent and

opaque. The table pictured here is a light green transparent. The word "tint" is

not used too much anymore, because it is somewhat ambiguous. I did the one below

and a sort of experiment, to test the market, but the demand is just not there.

Some recent high end design examples are By Alexandra Von Furstenberg, and

others. They were beautiful and money no object designs, but I think, not sure, that

sales were less than necessary for them also. Continuous product innovation is important,

but in this age of super competitive pricing, the old formulas don't work the same.

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