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purchasers of clear bases, source some pretty cool wood slab coffee table tops

There is quite a range of glass, marble, steel, and wood tops that are put on the

clear bases we supply. Many times they acquire the top first, then design around it.

The complimentary contrast of natural and contemporary, is very happening now.

Just to be understood, I only supply the clear acrylic coffee table bases.

I just stock two sizes, 16" like below, and 29" high dining height.

They are both 3/4" material, very adequate, the next thickness up, one inch

would be almost 2x the price, and basically prohibitive, no one would it.

So I hit that mid-range price and style wise. It's a way to stay efficient and

therefore competitive. You can't stock everything.

4" thick wood slab coffee table natural pecky shape

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