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Opaque but neutral color, black or white acrylic end tables

I want to say another acrylic tables southeastflorida exclusive, but that could change in the future. I only say that, because I haven't seen that elsewhere. Clean, and simple design, 12"x 16"x 19" high, white/black acrylic waterfall end tables. And because I didn't follow any other vendors colors or proportions etc. Testing them out on my etsy. (white or black acrylic end tables)

Truthfully, there is not much sales of non clear acrylic tables, anywhere. Transparent colors

are coming back, but there is huge investment for plastic fabricators like me, to stock a few

of the minimum order we are required to buy from plastics distributors. Especially with such

limited sales of each color. I have to watch myself, I get overzealous and order too much,

then the pile of material sits here, well you get the idea. These are $169 each at Etsy.

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