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micro acrylic greenhouse for home micro greens

Generous proportions, especially height is on these so greens tops don't get crowded.

They can be propped up a little for ventilation, or holes drilled. These are just a personal

hobby type thing for me, this spring 2022. Temperatures are good here now, for germinating, not too hot or cold.

The green and white soil trays were not made by me, and are available many places online.

The growing medium can be potting mix, or coconut coir, a sort of inert wetting mat, also available online in many forms brick or sheets.

Everyone expects free shipping, and super competitive pricing, so really these are uniquely practical but not something I would try to market and profit from. The margin is just not there.

The grass is not edible, just rye grass seed, super east to grow. The cool little round top greens is Nasturtium, decorative on the plate, and very much edible.

acrylic microgreens cover
custom mini acrylic clear covers for hobby microgreens

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