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Laser engraved acrylic bible verse blocks

The large and the small of it. That's the fine text detail that can be had with laser "printing".

Sure the machine does all the work, but it can take 10 plus minutes for it to complete the engraving. Whereas screen printing is about 100 an hour, or 10x as fast, roughly

It's not a fast or cheap process, compared to screen printing, but as you can see from the

relatively small 5x5x2 blocks, there is an advantage of precision line quality. The large ones

pictured below, are a little borderline with only 1 thickness. Meaning they are a little tippy without a base added. Adding a base, in my opinion, takes away the visual purity.

super thick acrylic blocks

large laser engraved acrylics
Either size is readable with laser engraving

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