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double shift with the plexiglass oven

Burning the midnight oil with the bends on each side of 3/4" thick acrylic tables taking

about 45 minutes. I could get a bigger oven or a bigger warehouse, but that takes money,

and you know, everything is about price now, in the days of this game changer internet.

So, small warehouse in an alley, and limited staff, provide low overhead to keep prices super competitive.

I misspelled "plexiglass" in the title. Really, the brand name is "Plexiglas" but most spell wrong, so I am going for recognition. Acrylic, Lucite, Plexiglas, Perspex, are all used interchangeably. Acrylic is the generic term, the others are brand names. A lot of those brands have gone through major corporate ownership changes, and even location of manufacture, but the baseline quality remains about the same.

clear acrylic table bases
acrylic table bases in light production

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