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clear acrylic electronic receiver cover

This is a custom size, we don't stock these. A similar request and size was requested

for use as a robot vacuum "garage". Like roomba or irobot. Not sure what market

is out there for these uses, but I have fun with it, want to be in the product refining game.

Same with audio turntables that are making a comeback, for hard core audiophiles.

Unfortunately one size does not fit all, I need to stay productive, so don't seek these out too much. The one pictured below is made out of 1/2" thick clear acrylic.

Most of these devices vent out the back so heat buildup is not a problem. It doesn't hurt the

plastic, but the device itself might heat up, a bit, in a sealed bookcase. Either way, I feel it's

a clean aesthetic look to have the plexi wrap, like that.

clear acrylic receiver cover
Plexiglas receiver cover

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