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Birch plywood hexagon units, with thick Plexiglas shelves.

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Flashing back to my beekeeping hobby.

Had really cool experiences with exceptional quality honeys.

Then many neighbors getting stung, had to stop at my best locations, don't do any hives anymore. Hex wood is easy DIY,

but when the clear plexiglass is added, makes it more interesting,

and less common. I love that Baltic birch, but kind of alone in that,

as none of it sells well, so I knew starting this design, it was for my

own pleasure again, not profit. Hexagons are roughly 16" wide.

table top acrylic and ply wood shelf display.
Super thick acrylic shelves in a Baltic birch hexagon.

hexagon shelf units, can be configured for wall or table top
3/4" Baltic birch plywood with 3/4" thick clear acrylic shelves

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