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Acrylic Bible Verse Plaques

I love doing these. So much so, I don't sell them anywhere.

Just do them for my own pleasure. The refining of the design,

high contrast, fairly thick material, playing with the colors etc.

I do the screen printing of the letters myself.

It's not that technical, super low tech, just use enamel,

nothing exotic for ink or machinery.

I bring them to my church and let them disseminate them.

They are in a position to use them effectively.

Hate to say, here it is, now you can't have it,

but these are not for sale. Really I tried selling them

practically at my cost, but no one wanted to buy them even

at that low price. It's cliché to say, but it's a labor of love.

acrylic bible verse plaques
screen printed and back painted acrylic blocks

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