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acrylic furniture

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Acrylic Coffee Tables and Acrylic End Tables,
        made with premium US materials.

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acrylic tables southeastflorida 
(stock selection below)

   To avoid the look of clutter, these tables are a tested,
pure design element.  Clear acrylic furniture, has less
visual weight, so the room appears larger. These are
commonly mixed with old and new furnishings, to create
an interesting eclectic look. Thicker 3/4" thick material
is used for the coffee tables.

    We also use the more premium grade, domestic (US) brand material, that has a clearer edge color, and is rated "water white", meaning no detectable color, and exceptional edge glisten/shine.
All tables are in stock, and ship within one day, UPS ground, from our efficient, productive shop in South Florida.  Photos are submissions, by purchasers of the table.

   These clear tables have been well received, as confirmed by continuous, genuine, positive feedback from our other selling channels like Amazon, Houzz, Etsy, and Walmart. (southeastflorida)  Those selling platforms have the same (12+) tables, at a similar price as shown here.  Source direct, and competitive prices, have made us the primary source of these thicker, mid-tier acrylic coffee tables and acrylic end tables.

good edge color comparison3333.jpg

more usable/practical width
      18" vs. others 16".

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