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Simatic Ekb Install




-X "./" "./installdir/" You can find the installation location here. Hopefully this tutorial will help some people. Buy me a coffee The author also has a shop! I try to keep it simple. You can buy me a coffee. All of the coffee I buy is certified fair trade and organic. If you want to help this guide was made to help you, I am more than happy to accept any help that you are willing to give. If you think you can translate it or add other little bits to it, please feel free. You can also buy me a coffee! Click on the image below to buy me a coffee!Exciting New Technology Approved for ‘CT’ Heart Scans at Children’s Hospital A new imaging technology that can spot the subtle differences in a child’s heart that can mean a heart condition is on its way. Imaging experts at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles announced Thursday a breakthrough that allows cardiologists to do detailed cardiac scans of babies and young children who are having testing done for a heart condition. The new technology uses a noninvasive diagnostic technique called dual-energy computed tomography (CT) imaging. Since the introduction of CT technology several decades ago, the tomography part of the test has been used to make precise images of the bones, soft tissues and organs of the human body, including the heart. But until now, CT technology has been considered unsafe for children because of the high radiation exposure associated with the test, said Dr. John Marple, director of cardiology at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The dual-energy CT technology has proven effective in adults, he said. “We used the adult model, knowing that this technology would work, and then we figured out how to apply it to children,” he said. The technology dramatically reduces the radiation exposure in the patients, and the team of doctors in cardiology and radiology used the adult guidelines on reducing radiation exposure for children. “And we got very good results,” Marple said. “We believe it’s a very safe procedure. We’ve looked at the long-term follow-up and we’ve seen no evidence of the radiation-induced cancer.” An effective, safe and informative test for a common heart defect is




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Simatic Ekb Install

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