Thick 1.25" diameter rod clear acrylic walking cane

A little heavy, but very practical for large people. The standard for these walking canes is

1" diameter rods. But honestly they are somewhat fragile. A friend arranged a "model", and

we went to the local Riverwalk area of Fort Lauderdale, for this picture.

Back in the heyday of these canes, I was the international king of this stuff.

I had and serviced another domain, just for the canes, clearcanes.

It was fun, I sold the UK a lot and once in a while, some other countries.

But tastes changed, and although it was understood those canes were not

a very good medical device, they were much loved, for the spirit lifting appearance.

I let that domain go, focusing on acrylicparts, it now was taken over by some overseas firm,

totally unrelated to canes.

man displaying use of acrylic walking cane

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