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Polycarbonate Sheet Price

Price for a sheet of polycarbonate.

Example polycarbonate sheet prices to demonstrate how competitive we are.
The following price list does not include shipping.  Two free optional,  custom cuts,
(full length or width) are included, to bring shipping size down to a maximum UPS ground size of approximately 36" x 48".
Of course, full size 4' x 8' sheets can be shipped,
(much higher rate) or locally picked up. (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
Clear untrimmed polycarbonate sheet 
film or paper mask, and slightly larger than 48" x 96".

48" x 96" clear polycarbonate sheets: (Broward County, Florida Distributor)
(1)  .0625"       1/16"           $59.20
(1)  .125"          1/8"            $104.00
(1)  .187"          3/16"          $152.00
(1)  .250"          1/4"            $176.00
(1)  .375"          3/8"            $304.00
(1)  .500"           1/2"           $400.00

email a quote request
Other sheet sizes, colors and thicknesses are in stock.
email for a final price, that includes shipping.  Include:
quantity, thickness, and sizes.

Other grades and brands thermoplastic sheets are in stock,
including roll out materials for large sign white polycarbonate sheets.

To keep our prices low, there is a one,  4 x 8 sheet minimum, and no free samples.
for information or local pickup:

R J Adar   email
E&T Plastics of Florida, Inc.
2830 NW 55th Court
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

Toll free: (800) 234-4525

(954) 735-8907   fax    
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Our branch also has a complete polycarbonate film facility.
Polycarbonate Panels
South Florida's distributor direct source of Corrugated Sheets.  Storm protection, and greenhouse glazing are it's primary uses.

Alternative polycarbonate brands are available.
Florida plastic sheet pickup location