Acrylic End Tables

Made with premium, domestic, plexiglas brand material. A clear "water white" edge.

3/4" thick tables, can be used as a bench. These are in stock and ship in one day, fedex ground from South Florida. 14 day (refund) return policy. Customer pays return shipping, unless damaged. These clear tables have been well received, as shown by continuous, sincere, positive ebay feedback.

Acrylic End Table 17"x 12"x 17" high x 3/8" $69 + $15 shipping

end tables

Acrylic End "Slide" Table 14"x 12"x 23" high x 1/2" $95 + $11 shipping

acrylic bench

Acrylic End Table 21"x 12"x 21" high x 1/2" $109 + $18 shipping

occasional tables

Acrylic End Table 17"x 12"x 18" high x 3/4" $139 + $18 shipping

acrylic end tables

Acrylic End Table 22"x 16"x 22" high x 3/4" $185 + $32 shipping

clear end tables

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