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Acrylic End Tables
acrylic waterfall table
clear lucite end table
Here are four sizes, thicknesses, and prices to choose from
3/8" x 17 h x  17 x  12" d          $89      ($19 shipping)
1./2"  x  21 h x  21 x 12" d        $119       ($19 shipping)
3/4"   x 18"  x18"  x  12" d        $109       ($22 shipping
3/4"   x 22"  x 22"  x  16" d      $190      ($29 shipping)
acrylic end table dimensions
acrylic sofa end table
1/2" thick  x  21" high  x  21" wide  x  12" deep acrylic end table   $119
3/8" thick  x 17"  high x  17"  wide x  12" deep  acrylic end table
These side or nesting tables have a special wide bevel, that enhances the edge.  The material and edges are TOTALLY CLEAR and high polish.  Sizes are approximate, within 1/2", but the picture is an actual table.   These contempory tables are sometimes refered to as, "waterfall" or "nest"
clear living room furniture
thick end table
3/4" thick clear acrylic end table, 18" high, x 18" long, x 11.75" wide  $109
It is super thick, and can be used as a bench. A luxury you don't see very often.
This end table has a square edge with a slight radius, and is not beveled.
thick acrylic table dimensions
large thick acrylic end table
night table dimensions
3/4" thick clear acrylic end table, 22" high, x 22" wide, x 16" deep  $190
acrylic edge polish detail
exclusive edge machining
The 3/8" and 1/2' end tables have a unique wider bevel.